A b o u t   U s
We follow organic and regenerative farming practices, growing in healthy soil and embracing all of the trouble that farming entails.

We operate a small, two-acre regenerative vegetable farm on leased agricultural land in Saanich, BC. Only 10 minutes from Victoria by farm truck, we sell at the Esquimalt Farmer's Market and offer deliveries by truck or bicycle weekly. Our aim is to produce the best tasting and highest quality vegetables possible. That means following organic practices, and ensuring we have healthy soil. While our yields aren’t huge, we hope the produce from Trouble Acre, truly, is the best quality you can get.

O u r    v a l u e s
Organic Practices

We follow COS (Canadian Organic Standards) in all practices. That means you can trust that the produce we sell has not been exposed to any harmful substances


Two-acres of beautiful farmland, growing a small variety of quality vegetables, harvested by hand weekly


When we say this we mean we're growing in and building healthy soil, with low/no-till systems and minimizing our footprint wherever possible


10 minutes from Victoria by farm truck, or a quick bicycle trip. We live in Victoria, farm in Saanich, and sell to fantastic customers throughout the South Island

If you want to learn more, please reach out directly.